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This is going to be the international website of bin-ich-schon-immun.de
Here you can order a T cell test to have your immune status examined with a sample of your blood.
The t cell test is a highly specialized enzyme linked ImmunoSpot assay. It is a technique for the detection of a T cell mediated adaptive immune response to SARS-CoV-2. The result is able to tell you whether you have an acquired immunity or a pre-existing cross-immunity against COVID-19. The test can also inform you whether a vaccination is indicated in the first place, or if the vaccination was successful. The tests costs between 155€ and 225€ plus the shipping costs depending on your location.

We do ship worldwide* while the laboratory test for now is being conducted in Germany.

Labs in other countries are to follow.

*Except the US - for legal reasons. The CLIA accreditation of the test is currently being processed. We expect it to be done late this year.

We are currently working to make our website available in English

Until then please inquire by email [email protected]

The Website is in german. In english you only will find all the original studies on the page Studies as well as international news articles on the page News.